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“Did you guys know? If you share a drink, you can become brothers. We may not be on the same ship when we become pirates, but this will bind us together as brothers! No matter where we are or what we do, nothing can break this bond…!! From today on, we’re brothers!”


-involuntarily raises fist to the sky like a champ-

One Piece Favorites: Favorite Quote by Roronoa Zoro
"…then whatever ambition I have is nothing but talk! Luffy… must be the man who becomes Pirate King!”





Akuma No Mi, Paramecia (1/3)

I know some are missing, like Bellamy or Foxy but nobody cares. The next will be the Zoan fruits.

"The thing I’m most afraid of…..is being swallowed up by this horrible kingdom and becoming a different person! I won’t go back…I won’t let them take away my freedom"

bartolomeo or bellamy asked by anon-san


たまき - I've always got your back, brother